User Experience on the Web


UXgem is a website about user experience on the Web.

UXgem was founded in early 2020 and is striving to become a reliable resource for everything related to user experience on the World Wide Web. The focus is on useful UX Articles, a glossary, and maintaining a growing UX books database.


We publish reliable, useful, but most importantly practical articles for web designers and developers. Therefore many articles are often very technical.

Accuracy and actuality of contents are highly important to us. For this reason all articles are kept up to date. Users should not be surprised if articles change over time.

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. If you find an error, we appreciate it if you report it to us.

Editor in Chief

UXgem was founded in early 2020 and is owned by Web expert and user experience evangelist , who runs the website as a side project. It allows him to put into practice what he preaches, to try out new things, and share insights in a format other than a blog or repository.

Since 2001, Jonas has been involved in the development of websites and other digital products based on Web technologies. His areas of expertise are in web development, online marketing, user experience, web accessibility, internationalization and domain names.

Jonas is an active member of the LaTeX Project and a member of the board of the German chapter of the Internet Society.