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Sociology Books


Reading list of recommended UX books on sociology. The books are relevant for everyone interested in the study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, social order, social change, and culture.

Cover of the book 'Invisible Women' by Caroline Criado-Perez

Cover of Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez.

Chatto & Windus, 2019
251 pages

Invisible Women
Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Human Factors

Written by feminist, activist, author and journalist Caroline Criado-Perez, based on factual data, Caroline reveals gender bias in a wide range of environments. She wants to crunch the numbers and take positive steps to correct bias.

Cover of the book 'Ruined by Design' by Mike Monteiro

Cover of Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro.

Independent, 2019
221 pages

Ruined by Design
How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It

Human Factors

Written by Mike Monteiro, the co-founder and design director of Mule Design, an interactive design studio. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft, ethics, and business of design. In 2014 he received the Net award for Conference Talk of the Year.

Sociology and culture #

Explore our carefully curated collection of recommended books on Sociology and Culture, designed to captivate those with a keen interest in understanding User Experience (UX) on the Web. These scholarly works delve into the intricate dynamics of social behaviors, cultural contexts, and their impact on digital interactions. Immerse yourself in these authoritative texts to uncover the profound influence of society and culture on shaping online user experiences.

“Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible, serving us without drawing attention to itself.”

Donald Arthur Norman, Co-founder of the Nielsen Norman GroupThe Design of Everyday Things, - UX quotes