User Experience on the Web

UX Abbreviations

Acronyms, numeronyms, initialisms and contractions.

Alphabetically sorted list of abbreviations — Acronyms, numeronyms, initialisms, and contractions used in user experience, human–computer interaction, web design, web development and related areas.

4K4K screen display resolutionWikipedia
8K8K screen display resolutionWikipedia
APIApplication Programming InterfaceWikipedia
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information InterchangeWikipedia
ccTLDCountry-Code Top-Level DomainWikipedia
CMSContent Management SystemWikipedia
COIConfirmed opt-inWikipedia
CPACost Per ActionWikipedia
CPICost Per ImpressionWikipedia
CPMCost Per MilleWikipedia
CPTCost Per ThousandWikipedia
CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementWikipedia
CTACall To ActionWikipedia
CTRClick-Through RateWikipedia
CVECommon Vulnerabilities and ExposuresWikipedia
CXCustomer ExperienceWikipedia
DAMDigital Asset ManagementWikipedia
DKIMDomainKeys Identified MailWikipedia
DMARCDomain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and ConformanceWikipedia
DNSDomain Name SystemWikipedia
DNSSECDomain Name System Security ExtensionsWikipedia
DOIDouble opt-inWikipedia
DPIDots Per InchWikipedia
ERPEnterprise Resource PlanningWikipedia
FLOSSFree/Libre Open Source SoftwareWikipedia
FOFTFlash of Faux TextWikipedia
FOITFlash of Invisible TextWikipedia
FOUCFlash of Unstyled ContentWikipedia
FOUTFlash of Unstyled TextWikipedia
FPSFrames per SecondWikipedia
FQDNFully Qualified Domain NameWikipedia
gTLDGeneric Top-Level DomainWikipedia
GTMGoogle Tag ManagerWikipedia
GUIGraphical User InterfaceWikipedia
HCIHuman–Computer InteractionWikipedia
HiDPIHigh Dots Per InchWikipedia
HSTSHTTP Strict Transport SecurityWikipedia
HTMLHypertext Markup LanguageWikipedia
HTTP(S)Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure)Wikipedia
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers AuthorityWikipedia
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and NumbersWikipedia
IDNInternationalized Domain NameWikipedia
IETFInternet Engineering Task ForceWikipedia
ISOInternational Organization for StandardizationWikipedia
ISOCInternet SocietyWikipedia
KPIKey Performance IndicatorWikipedia
MAMMedia Asset ManagementWikipedia
PIMProduct Information ManagementWikipedia
POCProof Of ConceptWikipedia
Q&AQuestion and AnswerWikipedia
RFCRequest For CommentsWikipedia
RGBRed Green BlueWikipedia
RGBARed Green Blue AlphaWikipedia
SaaSSoftware as a ServiceWikipedia
SERPSearch Engine Result PageWikipedia
SPFSender Policy FrameworkWikipedia
SPoCSingle Point of ContactWikipedia
SSLSecure Sockets LayerWikipedia
TIFFTagged Image File FormatWikipedia
TLSTransport Layer SecurityWikipedia
TTFBTime to first byteWikipedia
UCDUser-Centered DesignWikipedia
UDDUser-Driven DevelopmentWikipedia
UGCUser-generated ContentWikipedia
URIUniform Resource IdentifierWikipedia
URLUniform Resource LocatorWikipedia
VCDVoice Command DeviceWikipedia
VUIVoice User InterfaceWikipedia
W3CWorld Wide Web ConsortiumWikipedia
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility GuidelinesWikipedia
WOFFWeb Open Font FormatWikipedia

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