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Text Counter


Free online text counter tool to accurately analyze text. Instantly count sentences, words, characters, lines, discover the longest word, and words in the longest sentence while calculating the estimated reading time.


Counts & calculations

Characters (incl. spaces):
Characters (excl. spaces):
Longest word:
Words in the longest sentence:
Reading time:

Word frequency

List of frequency of words from most frequent to less frequent.

    Text counter & analyzer #

    The text counter tool is a versatile utility for examining and understanding your text with ease. The tool empowers you to gain insights into your written content by providing comprehensive statistics and valuable metrics.

    Counting sentences helps you gauge the structural complexity of your text. Word count provides a quick measure of the document’s length, while character count (including and excluding spaces) gives a precise assessment of textual density. Line count reveals the document’s formatting, especially when working with specific line length requirements.

    The text counter also identifies the longest word present in your text, aiding in vocabulary analysis and readability assessment. For a deeper understanding of sentence structure, it calculates the number of words in the longest sentence, shedding light on potential readability challenges.

    To enhance user customization, the tool allows you to set your own Words Per Minute (WPM) rate. Using this WPM rate, the Text Analyzer calculates the estimated reading time for your text, providing a helpful metric for assessing readability and content consumption duration.

    Whether you’re a writer, editor, or anyone who works with text, the text counter is your reliable companion for quick and insightful text analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of your content and improve its quality and readability with this essential tool.

    FAQ's #

    Most common questions and brief, easy-to-understand answers on the topic:

    What is a text counter?

    A text counter is a tool, usually a software, that calculates the number of words, sentences, characters, or other textual elements in a given piece of text.

    Why would I need a text counter?

    Text counters are useful for various purposes, including meeting word count requirements for essays or articles, tracking character limits on social media, and ensuring text fits within specific constraints.

    What is the difference between characters and words?

    Characters refer to individual letters, symbols, and spaces in a text, while words are groups of characters separated by spaces. Counting characters is useful for things like social media character limits, while word counts are common in writing and publishing.

    Do text counters count spaces as characters?

    Yes, most text counters include spaces when counting characters. Spaces are considered characters in the context of character counting. The UXgem text counter shows both results, including and excluding space characters.

    Can text counters help with proofreading and editing?

    Text counters can be a useful tool for proofreading and editing by providing an easy way to check word and character counts. They can also help you identify sentence structure and paragraph length.

    Can I use text counters for academic writing, such as essays and research papers?

    Yes, text counters are commonly used for academic writing to ensure that essays and papers meet specified word or character limits.

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